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100 Years of Expert Service

100 Years of Expert Service


Hendricks Appliance Store has been family owned and operated for 102 years! The business started in 1915 as John S. Hendricks and Son. In those early years it was a tinsmithing, plumbing, and heating shop before gradually adding appliance sales and services. As technology advanced post World War II, Hendricks added televisions to their list of product offerings. Back then appliances were luxuries to many local residents, and televisions were a spectacle that attracted people simply seeking to catch a glimpse of a new and unbelievable technology.

At the same time Eisenhower was building interstate roads across America, Hendricks was expanding it's own horizons with an array of cutting edge electrical appliances. Over decades our product offerings expanded along with rapid technological advancement across the appliance industry.

Today our shop continues to provide the same high quality products and services that built our family business all those years ago. Call the experienced team at Hendricks Appliances for top of the line appliances and expert service.

Serving the River Valley Since 1915

Hendricks Appliance Family Owned Since 1915